Sundance 2017 Comedies

img_1491Let’s face it…marriage is work and a couple of movies captured the essence of it beautifully.

Went to “Fun Mom Dinner” with a few mom’s and this movie could start a whole new mommy cray-cray far better than a paint nite or Picasso and wine night out. Every mom out there could relate to a multitude of scenarios played out in this film. I especially loved the dynamic played out between Toni Collette and Bridget Everett (who was also in one of my other favs from the fest this year, Patti Cake$). The film takes you right back to the 80’s and Jake Ryan. Yes, remember him and his red Porsche? The 16 Candles reference in the movie was epic. What ever happened to Jake Ryan? He appeared in Vision Quest and Mermaids, although I don’t remember him at all. This is a must see movie with hubby or your closest fellow mommy warriors. Fun Mom Dinner will be streaming on Netflix in no time.

“Band Aid” was equally wonderful in a completely different way. The idea of a married couple forming a band to re-enact their fights is genius. As the movie unfolds, there is more root cause to the fights, songs turn from anger to loss to love. This move is about overcoming grief and coming to a better place together. No word yet on the acquisition of this film

Still in the relationship genre was “The Bick Sick”. Probably the best comedic script put to film in a long time. The movie did drag on longer than it needed to, although it is still an A+. The Q&A after the movie was equally entertaining and the story was based on actual events. Knowing this made the movie that much better. Amazon acquired this film

The funniest offbeat movie was definitely the “The Little Hours”. If you are a practicing or aspiring Catholic, you will either be totally offended or laughing your ass off watching this movie. Molly Shannon (also in Fun Mom Dinner) is hilarious by the end of the film. The second Fred Armisen (also in Band Aid) enters the movie, one can not stop laughing!  This movie was acquired by Gunpowder & Sky.




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