Best Sundance Docs 2017

documentary-headerSundance docs can be hit and miss at times although this year’s docs were mostly hits.  Many on the list I did see and others made it to the list based on friend recommendations, public radio interviews or chatting will fellow film goers.

Chasing Coral
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power
The Force
The Mars Generation
Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton
Last Men in Aleppo
Give Me Future
Joshua Teenage vs. Superpower
Tokyo Idols
Nobody Speak: Hulk Hogan, Gawker and Trials of a Free Press
The New Radical
This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous
Legion of Brothers
Cries from Syria

After watching both “Chasing Coral” and “An Inconvenient Sequel”, I challenge anyone to claim climate change and global warming aren’t real. I cried like a 5-year-old whose mom took away your favorite toy over dying coral. The entire doc team came to the Q&A and stuck around after to chat.  Of which I fully took advantage of. Get involved and learn how you can do your part @chasingcoral. Al Gore also made the trip down the mountain to SLC for the Q&A after his doc. It was incredible and I was impressed with his more than telling non-answers to difficult questions around President Trump.

“The Force” took you on a journey inside the Oakland PDs troubled department who just can’t get a break.  This doc showed both sides of the coin with police shootings and other scandals. I couldn’t imagine being a police officer today with mobile cameras always rolling and the taunting that goes on in every situation. It did give me comfort to see new training programs are being put in place for officers to deal with these situations better.  I am sure if I was a cop, I would be on administrative leave.  The coolest part was meeting Johnna Watson, Oakland PDs spokesperson.

“The Mars Generation”  was in the kid’s film section and if you are a NASA nerd, this movie is for you.  I took my 2 boys.  My 7-year-old was bored, but my 9-year-old thought it was the coolest movie on the planet.  Having recently seen “Hidden Figures” and now this movie, NASA has done far more in technological advances than any private entrepreneur.   Elon Musk is now the new NASA.  Cool doc and yes, we are going to family space camp!  Check out the movement at

“78/52” was all about the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Who thought you could have an entire movie about this one scene and pull it off.  There are more layers to it than once thought.  This was my surprise “I liked this one” doc.

Watch them all and post your thoughts on the one you liked best!



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