Sundance Review – The Death of Stalin…Go Ahead, Laugh!

After watching The Death of Stalin, there is a strong desire to Google Stalin and read about Stalin’s life to see how much parody was packed into this movie around his dictatorship as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The awesome script coupled with just the right cast of well know actors will have you laughing at things you likely could feel guilty for later.

The film definitely plays into the idiocy of power hungry men who aren’t necessarily emotionally or intellectually the sharpest tools in the shed. If you follow politics, one cannot help somehow relating some of the ridiculous conversations and actions into our own current administration. There is one scene in particular…insert Mr. Trump for Stalin and have yourself a good laugh.

This film has a ton of wit and is packed with dark humor that likely will not appeal to the masses and is not likely to win the Sundance Audience Choice pick. That being said, the movie felt like Inglorious Bastards meets Four Rooms. Both very good films, so maybe it may be more appealing than one thinks. If you liked either of these movies, then your humor meter is dead on for this film. I was thoroughly entertained by this movie and got a pseudo-history lesson bonus.

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What are your comments on how you felt about the film?

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