Sundance Review – You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here

I was super excited to read that 37% of directors in Sundance this year are women. The Scottish director Lynne Ramsay introduced the film, yet did not stay for a Q&A. All would have loved to absorb her accent as well as likely ask questions afterward.

You Were Never Really Here is a definite watch if you like psych-thrilleresk type of movies. Joaquin Phoenix doesn’t have a lot of dialogue in the film, although the imagery coupled with the sound made this film work. The sound is the critical element of this movie in understanding the characters inner fight between calm and chaos. There are times where you want to shrink back in your seat because it is so loud, yet just when you have enough and want to say “TURN IT DOWN”, the calm hits.

I am not a trained film person and I don’t know the styles, although if you like the last two Casey Affleck films from Sundance (Manchester By the Sea; A Ghost Story) you will like how this one is shot. The long slow scenes kept me engaged, although the gentlemen I made friends with sitting next to me was dozing off and on during the movie. So this type of cinematography isn’t for everyone.

The story is well done giving you flashbacks of PTSD of childhood abuse and military service, yet you will never know the whole story. The film leads you down a path of the uncertainty of the main characters real intentions. Then ending also leaves you hanging to determine your own ending and this must be the tie to the movie title.

I am not one to search out the epic movie scene cut errors on YouTube, but there were a few noticeable ones. See if you can catch them.

Hopefully, there is a Q & A for filmgoers when it shows in PC and it will answer a few of the questions I would have posed to the director.

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