Sundance Review – Sorry to Bother You

Sorry to Bother You Packs It In

Of all the movies thus far, this one sparked the most dialogue. One had to figure out the tie between hilariously funny moments coupled with shock value. The combo of parody taken to the extremely absurd could cause you to forget what the point of the movie was supposed to be. There was a host of great actors from Danny Glover, Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun and Call Me By Your Name, Armie Hammer. Boots Riley’s script is filled with wit and genius. Take the main characters name for starters, Cassius Greene AKA Cash is Green (equally as good as Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad AKA It’s all good man) played by Lakeith Stanfield (who BTW is now one of my new favs).

The use of the “white voice” was clever and interesting, but felt mocking and overused. And maybe this was the point. The ideas on capitalism, race, social status, social media consumption and discrimination make there a lot to assimilate all at once in this movie. Then couple this with performance art that feels like you are at a Marina Abramović exhibit and youza, your head will spin.

When the Claymation scene started, I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to watching Kuso (the most disturbing and grossest movie of all time in my book), but good news, there weren’t mass walkouts.  When the genetically modified humans appeared the film, I thought of the Cinder dystopian book series.

This movie had the best Q & A where the special guests sat down at the edge of the stage and made it an intimate experience. Literally, 3 questions after someone directly asked Boots about why it took so long to finish this project that started in 2014, another person asked a question like it was just made recently and applied it to the pollical landscape of today. Listen, people, Boots just told you about the movie. What was relevant then is still relevant now in our human societal relationships and has nothing to do with Trump. Another moviegoer said it was the most creative thing she had ever seen and my first thought was she hasn’t seen enough creative work. Then my second thought was at this point in her life experiences, it was the most creative thing she has seen to date and who am I to be such a jerk in my thoughts.

Don’t expect to see this go mainstream in its current Sundance state. It is totally fine for HBO or Netflix. Between the porn sex, Claymation nudity and the absurd creatures with large appendages flopping for all to view, this film would have to seriously see some major edits that would impact the message and storyline of the film. I can see this one banned in Utah at one local theater chain.

All in all, this move was meh to me with parts of pure genius. Enough genius to want to see what Boots creates next because he has a lot to say and more for us to see…

I have no doubt he will nail it!

Good news for Boots, this one is close to getting picked up.

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