Sundance Review – Hereditary

Scary and so worth it!

hereditary1Every year, I try to catch one or two horror films. I would catch more, but somehow horror films are best shared with friends who also like horror movies. That way we can share in the thrill of the same ride so to speak. Hereditary even in its unfinished state (still missing some SFX) was tripleX better than the movies I saw in 2017 (The Green Room and 31).

Tony Collette was a Sundance 2018 double play as the lead in Hereditary and also a supporting actress in Hearts Beat Loud. Director, Ari Aster wasn’t available for the Q&A although Milly Shapiro was. To go from Matilda on Broadway to Hereditary is a big genre jump and she nailed it making you feel totally creeped out by her. Gabriel Byrne was burning a hole in my brain to figure out what movie I had just seen him in and promptly Googled him after the movie to find he was just in Jumanji. A movie my boys thoroughly enjoyed.

During the screening at the Tower in Sugarhouse, we had the pleasure of sitting next to some of the crew who worked on the film who hadn’t seen the final cut yet. It was great to get their perspective on the film. Loved that this film was shot in Park City and the Avenues. We recognized a lot of the locations in the film.

The acting and imagery coupled with the soundtrack made for a killer scary experience. Haven’t been this scared since watching Halloween (1978), The Shining (1980), Mausoleum (1986), Candyman (1992), The Blair Witch Project (before we knew it was fake), MTV’s Fear (2000),The Ring (2002), Paranormal Activity (2007),Let the Right One in (2008) or in the opinion of household of boys, the recent 2 seasons of Netflix Stranger Things.

Super excited this film got picked up and will be out in early June.

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