Why this Netflix Original is the Bonnie & Clyde of our generation

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Millennials seem to vacillate between two polarizing #moods: unspecified rage, and a seemingly psychopathic disassociation.

That’s what James and Alyssa, the teen produces behind Netflix’s new dark slapstick series The Terminate of the F *** ing World , symbolize. Their persona of unbridled fury and panicked dispassion are quickly revealed to be the defenses of two deeplies traumatized brains.

But, like, same.

The two protagonists, like many millenials, hide behind whatever person they tell themselves they find themselves. So tough, fearless, cussing Alyssa can pretend she’s not actually a powerless child inside. And James doesn’t has to be acknowledged he seems nothing, but merely because he feels so much that he can’t endure any of it.

Engulfed by an era of unprecedented change, anxiety, and uncertainty, Alyssa and James exemplify our generation’s struggle with liberty — whether we’re fighting for it, or…

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