Miseducation of Cameron Post Movie and Book Review

cameron post book

Ok, so I tried a new experiment where I watched the movie first and then read the book. I found this to be a much more enjoyable experience to the point I have now done this for the last three recent movies (still working on reading these books, if only there were more than 24 hours in a day!).

There was a definite theme to Sundance 2018 with several movies addressing sexual identity exploration, gay or straight. A group of us saw this amazing movie at Sundance and as of today, there is a release US release date.  The UK will release it in August 2018.

First, this movie was amazing and second, if you read the book, you get even a better sense of what it was like for a young female adult in the early 90’s who clearly is attracted to girls and questions her sense of moral being. Think of it, this was before the big celebrity coming out of the late 90’s with Ellen DeGeneres and George Michael. Long before shows like Will & Grace and Queer Eye for the Straight guy were brought to the mainstream audiences. Now we have OITNB, Queer Eye, Will & Grace circa2018, Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy and so on and so on. Progress!

The book and the movie greatly differ in the details, but the premise is the same. Cameron, played by Chloë Grace Moretz is a character you just love in both the movie and the book basically has same-sex attraction and is eventually found out to be sent to a God camp to rewire her brain. This, of course, isn’t successful, and you are taken through the psychological ups and downs of a teenager.  If this is even a glimpse of what my child is feeling, I would do everything in my power to make them proud of who they are and to be authentic to themselves.

I also want to give Emily M. Danforth a big hug for writing this book. As I read and realized she is from the small town in Montana she writes about, I couldn’t help to think there is a bit of truth from her own life is reflected.

Where this movie and book hit home for me is to think it is 2018 and I have friends who were sent off to “centers” for shock treatment and psychological counseling in their teens for being gay. Locally, we have what surprises many as one of the largest LGBT communities per capita in the country.

I was proud to know a few of the local lovelies who rented a house, had a lot of fun and produced a “will make you happy if you watch” RuPaul lip sync video that went viral on Facebook last month.  788K views on Facebook and 73K views on YouTube.



So, when my 10-year old tells me he likes unicorns, I tell him I love rainbows!

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